About Us

BERLINK is a German company concerned with the development of international mobility projects within the LLP, specially Leonardo da Vinci and Erasmus.

As hosting organisation, we receive participants coming from all over Europe and we organise for them work placements in different vocational areas. BERLINK also organises professional visits, seminars and socio-cultural programmes.
Berlin has become in the last years one of the most exciting cities in the Europe, and is the ideal destination for a fruitful training and life experience.

ETN Network
BERLINK is part of “ETN Network” with companies in Italy (Rimini), Spain (Malaga), Bulgaria (Sofia) and UK(Portsmouth).

Contact us + 49 30 97005691
+ 49 30 97005692
or send us an email info@berlink.eu

Wisdom is the daughter of experience – Leonardo da Vinci